Trail Conditions

3-15-2018 there is plenty of snow to ride on now .  had the groomer out pulling the pan today on basily rd to flugertown rd up over the long pond loop to trail head then back again . it was getting warm and snow getting heavy so called it a day. there are still plenty water holes open and brushy areas. Ride safe and remember to always respect the private land owners.                              3-12-2018 groomed the main trail from Black Bear Rd trail head  to Mongaup pond and back , also made a run out flugertown rd and back. Alot of water holes are open . With a chance of some snow tonight , should be able to ride a couple more days.  With  the lack of snow last couple of years it was good to get back on the groomer  again.  Ride safe and always respect the private land owners.                                                                                                              3-10-2018 the mongaup pond to quick lake trail is open. It was cut out today but there are still some brushy areas along with water hazards . Some of the bigger trees down  are marked with flagging tape. 20 sleds at the quick lake lean-to for lunch.  Ride safe and respect private land owners.                                                     3-9-2018  left black bear rd trail head rode to mongaup pond and back around the azelia trail. Those trails are rideable but still brushy along with some water hazards. As of now there are no tracks goin to quick lake. Im gonna try to get out that way sat some time.  Ride safe and respect the private land owners thanks                                                                                                                                                            3-6-2018 went to mongaup pond and worked on removing downed trees along back loop met up with 2 other guys coming in from flugertown rd. We then all went from mongaup pond back around carz trail to azalia trail then down on the main trail at butternut junction. The end result is from Black Bear Rd trail head to mongaup pond is rideable but still alot of work needs to be done, there are some water holes open so be careful. As of now there are no tracks towards quick lake . Another storm coming we will see how the trails hold up from what was done already, then tackle the quick lake trail .  Thanks  Joyce, Gill, and Jim. Remember always ride safe and respect the private land owners stay on marked trails . thanks

3-4-2018 went out today breaking trails and clearing out alot of down trees. 5 hrs to do the basley road towards long pond trail head then up over long pond trail back to flugertown town road. Plenty if snow but tons of tree tops in the trail from the heavy snow.  There was a couple guys headed towards mongaup pond breaking trail, they too are cutting their way through.   Hoping to open things up before the next storm.    Still some open water holes.  Ride safe and stay on marked trails  respect private land owners .  Also thanks to the guys from Pine Bush for their help!!!

1-1-2018  Took the scandic swt out for a run, had to go slow.  Went from Black Bear Rd trail head to Mongaup cutting out downed trees also did the Long Pond loop.  Still need more snow  as the trail is boney.   Will be putting down runners across the bridge at Peter’s Hunting  Camp to help minimize the damage the ski skags and studs do.   At least the water holes are frozen.   As  of  today there was no tracks on Azalia trail and only one track towards Quick Lake .  Ride Safe !!!


1-1-2017    all blow-downs have been cut out and the trails cleared of debris on the Long Pond trail, Mongaup trails and the Quick Lake trail.  There are still plenty of bad spots with rocks and open water holes. We still need more snow and colder temps to freeze up the water holes. Go Slow and Ride Safe !!!!!


2-15-2017     Worked on cutting out blow downs the last couple days. The trails are all clear but there are still plenty of hazard areas, water holes along with some rocky spots. The groomers still haven’t been out due to trail conditions, minimal base and warmer then normal temps. The Mongaup to Quick Lake trail is in good condition , The Flugertown Rd to Mongaup Pond is fair with  its share of water holes. With warmer than normal temps this weekend and sled traffic it’d be safe to say the trails will be in poor shape.  Go Slow and be Safe !! have a great Presidents Day Weekend !!!!

3-24-2017  End of season report, After the high winds came through  then were hit by the blizzard of 3-14-2017  left us with plenty of trees down and a lot of snow .  The trails were fair to good since the groomers never had a chance. Most of the downed trees were cut out the last couple of days  the rest will have to wait till spring work days.  The Mongaup Campground roads were plowed all winter due to tree work around the campsites, hopefully this will not be an issue for next season.  Happy Trails !