Trail Conditions

1-31-24. Tried getting out on the trails but did not due to very little snow with no base and a lot of washout from all the rain. What we did ride  shows a lot of dead tree branches in the trail. If you do venture out use caution and any branches in the trails please help by throwing them off the trails. Thank you.   Hopefully things will freeze and get more snow but it’s not looking good.

 1-19-24 There is little snow on the trails and washouts along with some rocky areas.  use caution if heading out. depending on what we get from todays snow were looking to get out sunday, monday just laying down a track and cut out any downed trees . Ride Right and Ride Safe. Respect private land owners

NOTIICE !!! There are active construction sites at Mongaup Campground at the entrance in the big parking area and the back loop at entrance to Quick Lake trail.  Use caution passing though these areas and park away from the sites, possibly at the entrance or up hill to the left is another lot. Thank You..

1-18-24 All the trails have been cleared of blowdowns and brush as of the first week of January  there was water damage from prior storms with washouts . Since then we had heavy rains and wind with little snow.  We will be out on the trails as soon as we get enough snow.  If venturing out ride with caution,  Ride Right and Ride Safe and always respect Private Land Owners.

3-12-23  Needless to say its been a strange winter so far.  Today we ventured out from Mongaup Pond to Quick Lake  mapping the trails with GPS.  Other than a few thin spots and some waterholes the trail was in fair condition.  We also rode from Mongaup Pond back towards FlugertownRd turning off at Butternut Junction and returning to Mongaup via Azalea Trail.  The main trail was poor condition but Azalea was fair. Again watch for waterholes and rock.  Use caution when riding at Mongaup Pond, the Gate by the boat launch is closed.  Weather man says 1 to 2 feet of wet heavy snow by Wednesday afternoon.  Ride Right and Ride Safe and Always Respect Private Land Owners

1-25-23  Some snow fell Monday and again today.    Took the one groomer up yesterday after some maintenance there was maybe 4 inches.  If venturing out this weekend  Ride Right and Ride Safe   always respect the private land owners..

1-22-23 No Snow and trail work was being done cutting out blowdowns and removing broken tops and brush.  Water holes are open due to no frost and all the rain past couple weeks.

2-28-2.  Its been a rough month for the trail system with the warm weather and all the rain.  The trails are in terrible condition.  We will be back out doin trail maintenance if we ever get more snow.

2-8-22. The trails west of mongaup pond are open and passable. The higher elevation are iced over trees, had to cut a few out.   Some washouts heading up from the pond towards Quick lake and on the main trail from the 4way intersection at flatiron down hill to next intersection. There are few washouts scattered throughout the trails and watch out for some icy spots. The Azalea trail is passable with washouts go up hill from butternut junction to mongaup with some more on mongaup end of that loop.  The main corridor from flugertown to mongaup has many washout but passable. All trails are icy. Ride with caution. Ride Right Ride Safe and always respect t the private lands.

2-5-22   The trails are icy with washout hazards from all the rain use caution if riding   Ride Right Ride Safe. Respect private lands

2-4-22. Nothing but rain the last 2 days it’s just starting to snow Friday afternoon hoping things will be froze up by morning.  Not sure how the trails help up from all the rain but will be out tomorrow checking them out

2-1-22  Groomed corridor 2 trail from Flugertown Rd to Quick Lake and back building a base   also groomed flatiron, bobcat and coyote loops.   For what snow we have the trails are in pretty good shape west of mongaup the snow is a little thin on trails east of mongaup  Ride Right Ride Safe   Respect the private lands

1-30-22. Groomed the corridor 2 trail from flugertown rd to mongaup pond. Also groomed Azalea and Long Pond trails. Still minimum snow but in good shape. Ride Right Ride Safe. Respect the private lands

1-28-22. Got the machine back from the shop and pulled the drag through Long Pond Flugertown Rd and Basily Rd this afternoon. The trails are in good shape for what little snow there is. There are some bony sections with rocks so go easy.  Ride Right and Ride Safe.  Respect the private lands

1-23-22. The corridor trail to Quick Lake from Mongaup has been cleared of all downed trees and broken off tops, and branches. Coyote, Bobcat and Flat Iron loops have been cleared as well.  Thank You to all the volunteers for all the help. It couldn’t have been done without them.  Ride Right Ride Safe. And respect the private lands.  Let It SNOW !!!

1-21-22. We are one groomer down for repairs hoping to have it back in service soon.   Grooming will be limited.

1-21-22 Was out pulling the drag today building a base.  Basily Rd through Long Pond and out to Mongaup Pond and back and Flugertown Rd.  For what snow there is the trails are in fairly good condition.  We need more snow. Basily Rd from Black Bear trail head up the hill has been plowed to the first camp so use caution as there could be vehicle traffic on that section.   Ride Right and Ride Safe and always respect the private lands.

1-18-2022 Spent the last 4 days cutting out blow downs and removing tops and branches from the trail. All trails east of mongaup are open. The main trail to Quick Lake is open to coyote junction. The loops out that way still need cutting out.  Broke trails today laying down a track. Will be out tomorrow morning pulling the drags working on building a base.   Ride Right Ride Safe.

3-5-21 Groomed Mongaup to Quick Lake, Coyote, Bobcat and Flat Iron loops and Azalea trails. All in good shape. Ride Safe Ride Right. Respect the private land stay on trail

3-2-21 Groomed Long Pond, Mongaup, Karst and Azalea trails also the Basily Rd. From the high winds last night there was a lot of small branches in the trails only had to cut out 4 along the way.  The West side of Mongaup pond is only one lane on the brem next to the road so use caution.  Some water holes are beginning to open on the trails.  Ride Safe Ride Right.  Respect the private land owners

2-26-21 Groomed Long Pond. Basily and Flugertown roads.  The warm weather is softening up the trails and opening up water holes. West side of mongaup pond is plowed so if riding the berm use caution beings its only one lane.  There are ribbons along the fence on flugertown road between the iron bridge and the unplowed road, respect the property owner and stay clear of the shrubs and do not ride the field across from their house.  Ride Safe and Ride Right.

2-23-21 Groomed Long Pond, Mongaup, Azalea, Karst trails and Basily Road. With about 6 inches of fresh snow the trails are in good shape. With warm weather moving in the water holes are going to start opening up so ride with caution.  West side of Mongaup being plowed so use caution riding the berm alongside of road it’s only one lane. Ride Right Ride Safe. Always respect private land and the owners

2-17-21 All trails have been groomed  today after the thaw. All in great shape   Looks like more snow on the way   Ride Safe Ride Right   Always respect private land owners

2-12-21 Groomed Mongaup, Azalea, Karst, Long Pond and Basily Rd. The trails are in great shape. The west side of Mongaup pond is plowed so use caution if riding the berm, its only one lane and has not been groomed.  Ride Safe Ride Right. Always respect private land owners

2-10-21. Mongaup trail all the way to Quick Lake including coyote, bobcat, and Flat Iron loops are all groomed. Basily Rd and Long Pond loop also groomed.  Ride Safe Ride Right. Always respect the private land owners.

2-8-21. Groomed Long Pond, Mongaup, Karst and Azalea trails. All in good shape also groomed Flugertown Rd and Basily Rd, they were in rough shape, in better condition now. Ride Safe Ride Right and always respect the private land owners.

2-6-21. Two groomers went to Quick Lake also on Coyote and Flat Iron loop yesterday. Ride Safe Ride Right

2-4-21. We had 3 groomers out today on Long Pond, Mongaup, Karz and Azalea trails also groomed Flugertown Rd and the Basily Rd.  What is groomed is in good shape. The trail to Quick Lake was broke today so will be out grooming that trail tomorrow morning.  Ride Safe Ride Right. Always respect the private land owners stay on marked trails …

2-3-21. Was out on the trail today making tracks there were tracks heading towards mongaup from flugertown rd. Will be out tomorrow morning with the groomers headed towards mongaup. Depending on the trail should head to quick lake on Friday.   Ride Safe Ride Right. Respect private land owners !!

we will1-28-21. Was out pulling the drags yesterday on long pond, mongaup, azalea and karz trails to pack the snow, trails are rideable but need more snow to groom.  Today was on the mongaup trail cutting back brush.   Ride Safe, Ride Right. Always respect private land owners.

 1-26-21 Its Tuesday evening and snowing, will be out on the trails after the storm and will follow up with trail reports.

1-23-21. The mongaup to quick lake trail and all the loops have been cleared of all down trees , broken off branches and tops.  The higher you go the more snow there is but there are still some areas with minimal snow so ride with caution.  We had a great group of guys today and with a lot of trees down, the man power came in handy.  A total of 15 volunteers.   Thank you to all the volunteers,  your help is greatly appreciated !!!   Let it snow. Let it snow.  Ride safe Ride right and always respect the private land owners.                                                              1-22-21. The club has been out on the trail system removing downed trees and dead tops along with branches from the trails .  Will be doing the mongaup to quick lake trail Saturday.  There is minimal snow to ride hopefully will receive more soon. Again always respect private land owners, ride safe n ride to the right.                                                           1-19-2020 We received about 6 inches of light fluffy snow the other night.  Took the club swt’s out for a run on the basley rd and flugertown rd laying down tracks also went through the upper section of long pond clearing out blow downs from the last ice storm.  There is no base as of yet but more snow expected this coming weekend should help. Respect private land owners , Ride Safe. Pray for SNOW !!!

   1-9-2020 For the last 4 days was table to go through the entire system clearing out blow downs, a lot of dead tree tops and branches from the ice storm and high winds.  Thank you DEC Forester Dunn for allowing the club to clean up after the storm.

3-8-19 Groomed Mongaup and Quick Lake trails this morning .  Other than a few hazards like old wash outs on the Mongaup trail and some logs frozen in the trails out near Quick Lake they are in good shape.  Ride to the Right and Ride Safe . Respect the Private Land Owners…….

 3-7-19  Groomed  Long Pond, Mongaup and Azalea Trails and Quick Lake Trail to Time Square and back.  The trails are in good shape. There are still some old water holes so use caution  Will be out grooming the main trail to Mongaup and the  Quick Lake trail tomorrow morning while we still have snow.  The loops at Mongaup campground are plowed, they will be cutting down marked trees so be aware. There is a groomed lane leaving the parking lot around the west side to access the Quick Lake trail. Ride to the Right , Ride Safe and Respect Private Land Owners ……

 3-5-19  Groomed Long Pond and Basily Rd last night. Groomed  Mongaup Pond, Quick Lake trail and all the loops and back through Azalea trail there are some bad spots but over all the trails are in good shape considering not much snow to work with.  Ride to the Right and Ride Safe,  Respect Private Land Owners !!!!!!

2-27-19 Rode the Mongaup Pond trail system from Long Pond to Quick Lake yesterday and today to check trail conditions and cut out any downed trees from the wind storm.  Frozen ruts on the Basily road out of Black Bear Trail head.  The trails are all in fair to good condition.  Most water holes either  frozen over or dried up.  will be out grooming in the morning shaping things up.  Ride Safe and Respect Private Land Owners!!!!!!

 2-19-19  Rode the Mongaup to Quick Lake trail including coyote, bobcat and flat iron loops today getting gps data of trail system.  There is minimal snow base with open water holes along with some bare spots.  Will be collecting gps data on the Long Pond loops along with the trail to Mongaup Pond and the Azalea trail on  thursday morning after what little snow we might get Wednesday afternoon.  On the Mongaup to Quick Lake trails closer to Quick Lake there are hazards with lack of snow such as logs frozen in the trails, washouts water holes and along with some bare spots. There will be no grooming until things freeze up and get more snow.   Once again there is a one lane path from the parking lot at mongaup pond to the Quick Lake trail so use caution traveling, be alert to oncoming traffic.  Ride to the Right and Ride Safe,  Respect the Private Land Owners….

1-31-19 Pulled the drag through Long Pond and Mongaup Trails today trying to establish a base.  Most water holes are froze over but still some water hazards.  Tomorrow gonna try to get through the Azalea Trail and Karz Trail to Mongaup.  Hopefully work on the Quick Lake Trail section this weekend.  Ride to the Right and Ride Safe and Respect the Private Land Owners…..

1-27-19 ** All roads at Mongaup Pond have been plowed…. From the parking lot at Mongaup Pond to the Quick Lake trail, there is a groomed Lane ONE SLED WIDE on the left side of road use CAUTION when navigating due to oncoming Sleds..**.

 1-27-19 Yesterday and today worked on cutting out blow downs  from Mongaup Pond to Quick Lake.  All large blow downs have been cut out but there are still some areas with stuff frozen under the snow.  The trail leading out of Mongaup  towards Quick Lake suffered washouts from the rain but passable. There are some deep and wide washouts across the trail that have been flagged for safety.  The one section of trail that has not been inspected for blow downs is on the main corridor from the 4way intersection of Bobcat and Flat Iron towards Quick Lake it looked to washed out to navigate up from the lower end. There are still many hazards along the trail wash outs, ice , open water bare ground and rocks , along with some logs frozen in that have been flagged for hazards.  Ride to the Right and Ride Safe, Respect private land owners ………

 1-25-19 Tried to get to Mongaup today but turned back due to so many washouts, bear ground, running water and mud.  The trails sustained a lot of water damage.  From what I heard the Quick Lake trail has downed trees . Will try to get them cut out before the next snow.  Ride Safe and Respect private land owners ……

1-23-19  Groomed Long pond and went through Azalea trail cutting out blow downs and pulled the drag as well,  all the way to Mongaup and back.  All trails from Black Bear trail head  to Mongaup Pond are cut out and groomed.  Today I did see tracks going towards Quick Lake  so when the weather breaks we will be working on that section of trails . There are still some hazards , ice, rocks, some water holes and there is a minimal snow base.   Again Please respect private land owners.  Ride to the Right and Ride Safe….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1-22-19  Long Pond loops and the main corridor trail to mongaup has been groomed . As of this report the trail to Quick Lake has not been rode on yet, watch hazards  like downed trees beneath the snow.  we plan to work on that trail as soon as the Mongaup trail is opened.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1-17-19  with very little snow I did get out from Mongaup pond towards Quick lake cutting out blow downs the other day.  Use extreme caution while riding during and after this weekend storm as there are still blow down hazards that could be hidden by fresh snow.  Long pond and the trail to Mongaup was cut out this fall but with wind storms since then there could be hazards on them as well. The Azalea trail was not done this fall due to the rainy weather , I do expect there to be some blow downs along that route so again ride with caution .  Im hoping to get the supper wides out on the trail after the weekend for trail work and possibly pull the drags to build a base .  Again Please Ride to the Right , Respect the land owners and Ride safe !!!!!

3-15-2018 there is plenty of snow to ride on now .  had the groomer out pulling the pan today on basily rd to flugertown rd up over the long pond loop to trail head then back again . it was getting warm and snow getting heavy so called it a day. there are still plenty water holes open and brushy areas. Ride safe and remember to always respect the private land owners.                              3-12-2018 groomed the main trail from Black Bear Rd trail head  to Mongaup pond and back , also made a run out flugertown rd and back. Alot of water holes are open . With a chance of some snow tonight , should be able to ride a couple more days.  With  the lack of snow last couple of years it was good to get back on the groomer  again.  Ride safe and always respect the private land owners.                                                                                                              3-10-2018 the mongaup pond to quick lake trail is open. It was cut out today but there are still some brushy areas along with water hazards . Some of the bigger trees down  are marked with flagging tape. 20 sleds at the quick lake lean-to for lunch.  Ride safe and respect private land owners.                                                     3-9-2018  left black bear rd trail head rode to mongaup pond and back around the azelia trail. Those trails are rideable but still brushy along with some water hazards. As of now there are no tracks goin to quick lake. Im gonna try to get out that way sat some time.  Ride safe and respect the private land owners thanks                                                                                                                                                            3-6-2018 went to mongaup pond and worked on removing downed trees along back loop met up with 2 other guys coming in from flugertown rd. We then all went from mongaup pond back around carz trail to azalia trail then down on the main trail at butternut junction. The end result is from Black Bear Rd trail head to mongaup pond is rideable but still alot of work needs to be done, there are some water holes open so be careful. As of now there are no tracks towards quick lake . Another storm coming we will see how the trails hold up from what was done already, then tackle the quick lake trail .  Thanks  Joyce, Gill, and Jim. Remember always ride safe and respect the private land owners stay on marked trails . thanks

3-4-2018 went out today breaking trails and clearing out alot of down trees. 5 hrs to do the basley road towards long pond trail head then up over long pond trail back to flugertown town road. Plenty if snow but tons of tree tops in the trail from the heavy snow.  There was a couple guys headed towards mongaup pond breaking trail, they too are cutting their way through.   Hoping to open things up before the next storm.    Still some open water holes.  Ride safe and stay on marked trails  respect private land owners .  Also thanks to the guys from Pine Bush for their help!!!

1-1-2018  Took the scandic swt out for a run, had to go slow.  Went from Black Bear Rd trail head to Mongaup cutting out downed trees also did the Long Pond loop.  Still need more snow  as the trail is boney.   Will be putting down runners across the bridge at Peter’s Hunting  Camp to help minimize the damage the ski skags and studs do.   At least the water holes are frozen.   As  of  today there was no tracks on Azalia trail and only one track towards Quick Lake .